Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting (RH242)

Troubleshooting is both an instinct and a technique like any art or science. In this lab-intensive course, system administrators will be able to learn techniques for troubleshooting a Linux system and how to use the troubleshooting tools available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Through hands-on labs, one can learn or improve their troubleshooting skills and gain additional experience by debugging live, virtualized systems. Linux system administrator, who understands installation and configuration of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and wish to improve their understanding of troubleshooting on Linux, can opt for RH242.


Red Hat System Administration I

Red Hat System Administration II

RHCSA Rapid Track Course

RHCSA certification or equivalent experience

System administration knowledge under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including:

·         Installation

·         Service management (using service and chkconfig, for example)

·         Basic system monitoring (using ps and top, and perhaps meminfo and the /proc file system)

·         File system management (using fdisk and mkfs)

·         Basic troubleshooting (including managing log files and perhaps the use of hardware probing tools, such as ethtool and lspci)

Course Duration

The duration of the course shall be 3 days. The intake to each bootcamp is only 6 candidates at the maximum.


RH242   Red Hat Linux Trouble Shooting