Kerala has a rich culture of its own which cordially receives the guests to enjoy its serenity and sanctity. Keralites considers guest as God. Yet varied customs and practices of Kerala have to be known by each and every foreigner before you plan your visit. Here are some tips to make your visit smooth and memorable.

Always take the proper guidance from authorities or responsible person before visiting the state, which would be helpful in saving time and effort once you are here. In your case, consult with IPSR representatives and we will assist you throughout the visit.

Kerala is the state in India with the highest literacy rate. Most of the people know English, as it is considered to be the global language. So it’s preferable to converse in English with the inmates rather than any other foreign languages.

Always carry a map or guide along with you. Also you can take help from any of the IPSR members. In case of emergency, you can also take the assistance of the police officers you meet on the road.

Kerala carries a warm climate throughout the year. So it would be better to wear cotton clothes, yet unrevealing.

Kerala is comparatively a safe state to travel. The crime rates against foreigners remain low. Yet, women traveling alone should take extra care and don't go to deserted place or go out in dark without a trustworthy escort.

Always be careful of your possessions. Especially your passport, visa, driving license, ID card etc. If you miss any of these, kindly report to IPSR office or to the Bureau of Immigration.

Stamping on people or objects, especially books are considered to be highly disgraceful in Kerala. It’s always better to apologize straight away if it happens so.  On the other hand, it's a sign of respect to bend down and touch an elder person's feet in India.

Always consume bottled mineral water and have food from reliable food corners.

 Eating food or giving away objects with left hand is not encouraged by Keralites. If you are a left hander, at least try to give away money with your right hand.

While visiting religious places and houses in Kerala, you are supposed to remove the foot wears and also silence has to be maintained.

Kindly don't encourage beggars by giving them money or any kind of gifts.

Public display of affection is generally disapproved in small cities and villages of Kerala.

According to the Kerala culture, the thumb rule of handshaking is that, the female extends her hand first, and the male reciprocates. ‘Namaste’ is the formal form of greeting among the people of Kerala.

 Don’t be surprised or be offended by intrusive questions. For e.g.; How much you earn for a living? Keralites are really inquisitive and feel free to ask the same questions in return. That makes them feel good.

  Please be sure about the auto rickshaw and taxi fares before you catch any of these.

  Keralites are always ready to help you. They would be grateful if you ask for any assistance. So never be reluctant if you need any help.

 All the IPSR representatives are happy to serve you. Feel free to convey your thoughts or suggestions with us.